This page provides some information about my teaching, scholarship, and vocation.


Over the past fifteen years I have taught students at a variety of academic levels, from middle school to graduate school. I have taught and co-taught entire courses in English (including British, American, and world literature; research and composition; and creative writing), Bible (middle school), and education (graduate level). However, my advanced degrees are specifically in English, and I prefer to teach early British literature. Within British literature, my specialty areas are John Milton and the metaphysical poets (especially John Donne and George Herbert). Other teaching and research interests include the following topics:

  • faith and learning in Christian higher education,
  • Christian vocation,
  • the Bible as literature,
  • religion and literature,
  • Reformation history and theology,
  • apologetics and worldview issues,
  • mythology and fantasy (and their relationship to history),
  • great texts,
  • classical rhetoric,
  • the Inklings,
  • children’s literature,
  • creative nonfiction,
  • etymology,
  • satire and other forms of humor, and
  • secularization theory.

You can read my statement of teaching philosophy here, and you can read more about my teaching experience here.


While primarily focused on seventeenth-century literature, I read, write, and teach broadly. You can find more about my scholarship under the PUBLICATIONS heading here.


Ever since high school I have felt God’s call to Christian education. Having attended Christian schools (Upper Bucks Christian School, Bob Jones Academy, Bob Jones University, and Baylor University) and having taught at Christian schools (higher education: Charleston Southern University, Baylor University, and Regent University; secondary education: Northside Christian School and Palmetto Christian Academy), I have a passion for students in Christian education. I remember well how formative those years were for me as an undergraduate student, and I am excited to partner with undergraduates in their higher education journeys. While I have taught at secular institutions (Virginia College, McLennan Community College), I have found that my gifts and passion fit best with Christian liberal arts universities.

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