English Courses Taken

The following are (mostly) upper-level and graduate literature, writing, and language courses that I have attended in their entirety, some for credit (on my transcripts) and some not for credit (unofficial audit*).

Baylor University (2012–2016)

Doctorate Degree

*GTX 2302: The Medieval Intellectual Tradition (Spring 2016; Dr. Junius Johnson)

EDA 6302: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Spring 2015; Dr. Laine Scales)

*GTX 2301: The Intellectual Tradition of the Ancient World (Spring 2015; Dr. Phillip Donnelly)

*ENG 3372: The Oxford Christians (Fall 2014; Dr. Ralph C. Wood)

ENG 5377: English Religious Authors (Summer 2014; Dr. Kevin J. Gardner)

FRE 5370/5371: French for Graduate Students (Summer 2014; Dr. Cristian Bratu)

ENG 5330: 17th-Century English Literature: Milton (Spring 2014; Dr. Phillip Donnelly)

REL 5333: Continental Reformation: Luther (Spring 2014; Dr. David Whitford)

*GTX 3321: Early Modern Age (Spring 2014; Dr. Alan Jacobs)

ENG 5301: Old English Language (Fall 2013; Dr. Jeanette Marsh)

REL 4354: History of Christian Theology III (Fall 2013; Dr. Barry Harvey)

*GTX 4V99: Theology and Literary Theory (Fall 2013; Dr. Alan Jacobs)

ENG 5330: 17th-Century English Literature: Metaphysical/Cavalier poetry (Summer 2013; Dr. Robert Ray)

LAT 5321/5322: Latin Grammar, Prose, and Poetry (Summer 2013; Dr. Jeff Hunt)

ENG 5324: 16th-Century English Literature: Drama, excluding Shakespeare (Spring 2013; Dr. Maurice Hunt)

REL 5333: Continental Reformation: Calvin (Spring 2013; Dr. David Whitford)

*ENG 4332: Milton (Spring 2013; Dr. Phillip Donnelly)

ENG 5306: Literary Criticism (Fall 2012; Dr. James Barcus)

ENG 5376: Religion and Literature: Reading Augustine (Fall 2012; Dr. Greg Garrett)

Bob Jones University

Master’s Degree (2005–2007)

EN 522: 17th-Century Literature (Summer 2007; Dr. Caren Silvester)

EN 543U: American Realistic Literature (Summer 2007; Dr. Ray St. John)

I took this course for undergraduate credit.

EN 532: British Romantic Literature (Summer 2006; Dr. Bruce Rose)

EN 621: Tudor Renaissance (Summer 2006; Dr. Caren Silvester)

EN 508U: History of the English Language (Spring 2006; Dr. Chris Martin)

I took this course for undergraduate credit.

EN 512: Shakespeare: Late Plays (Spring 2006; Dr. Caren Silvester)

EN 631: Neoclassicism (Spring 2006; Dr. Bruce Rose)

EN 681: Writing Theory (Spring 2006; Mr. Sid Silvester)

EN 504: Milton (Fall 2005; Dr. Caren Silvester)

EN 509: Structure of Modern English (Fall 2005; Dr. Grace Hargis)

EN 600: Literary Research (Fall 2005; Dr. Bruce Rose)

EN 680: Teaching Writing (Fall 2005; Mr. Sid Silvester)

Bachelor’s Degree (2001–2005)

EN 300: Literary Criticism (Spring 2005; Dr. Ron Horton)

PWP 302: Article Writing (Spring 2005; Dr. Ray St. John)

PWP 412: Novel Writing (Spring 2005; Ms. Jamie Turner)

EN 513: Bible as Literature (Fall 2004; Dr. Caren Silvester)

PWP 411: Short Story Writing (Fall 2004; Dr. Ray St. John)

PWP 413: Script Writing (Fall 2004; Dr. David Burke)

PWP 479: Writing Seminar (Fall 2004; Dr. Blake Spence)

EN 202: British Literature II (Spring 2004; Dr. Bruce Rose)

PWP 205: Principles of Journalism (Spring 2004; Ms. Betty Solomon)

PWP 414: Poetry Writing (Spring 2004; Ms. Dawn Watkins)

PWP 422: Editorial and Opinion Writing (Fall 2003; Ms. Betty Solomon)

EN 380: Classical and Medieval Literature (Spring 2003; Dr. Caren Silvester)

PWP 211: Expository Writing (Spring 2003; Mr. Sid Silvester)

EN 205: American Literature I (Fall 2002; Dr. Rhonda Galloway)

PWP 212: Creative Writing (Fall 2002; Ms. Jamie Turner)

EN 203: British Literature I (Summer 2002; Dr. Caren Silvester)